Lightweight rover designed to explore polar regions of the Moon and drive into a Permanently Shadowed Region (PSR), believed to hold vast stores of water.

LUVMI-X: Lunar volatiles mobile instrument – extended

LUVMI-X is a small, autonomous lunar rover with big ambitions. Equipped with innovative instrumentation, it aims to search out water and other volatiles on the lunar surface, opening new horizons enabling a thriving lunar economy and opening new horizons for future human missions to the Moon and beyond.

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Explore the Moon with LUVMI-X

You don’t need your own space programme to visit and explore the Moon. Try your hand at navigating a rover …

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LUVMI-X in Dutch Ruimtevaart magazine

The LUVMI project and its Noordwijk test campaign was covered recently in an article by team members K. Kullack and …

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Create your own LUVMI-X ROVER

Make a scale model of the LUVMI-X Rover with this great tutorial.  Download the cut-out, print and then follow the …

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