EU Features Luvmi-x

The LUVMI-X project has been featured in the Cordis Research*eu Magazine July 2021 edition. The article features an interview with Jeremi Gancet from Space Applications Services answering key questions about the project. The article is called “One rover, one mission: supporting future life on the moon”.

Read a short excerpt below, and follow the links to access the article and the July edition.

There is still much we don’t know about the Moon and the conditions astronauts settling down on its surface will need to live in. The LUVMI-X project has been preparing the best possible rover for these future missions, with a launch expected in 2025 if everything goes as planned. Space

Back in 2018, CORDIS reported how the LUVMI project had devised a new kind of lightweight Moon exploration rover. Fresh from the discovery of frozen water in shadowed lunar craters, a team of researchers led by Space Application Services had built the first rover prototype capable of exploring the Moon’s craters in search of ice. Eventually, the project would be tasked with locating what future explorers will need to establish a long-term settlement on the Moon.

Three years later, the development of the new rover is still going strong thanks to EU support under the LUVMI-X (LUVMI-Extended) follow-up project. The rover from 2018 has changed considerably. It now comes equipped with new instruments to detect volatiles in remote locations, study the lunar environment and its impact on human health, and measure in-situ resource utilisation.

For the full interview, you can visit the CORDIS website here. You can view the entire issue here.