Lightweight rover designed to explore polar regions of the Moon and drive into a Permanently Shadowed Region (PSR), believed to hold vast stores of water.

LUVMI-X: Lunar volatiles mobile instrument – extended

LUVMI-X is a small, autonomous lunar rover with big ambitions. Equipped with innovative instrumentation, it aims to search out water and other volatiles on the lunar surface, opening new horizons enabling a thriving lunar economy and opening new horizons for future human missions to the Moon and beyond.

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Watch the videos: LUVMI-X Lasers

On LUVMI-X one of the novel instruments is called VOILA, which is short for Volatiles Identification by Laser Ablation. This …

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Watch the video: LUVMI-X instruments to find water on the moon

Introducing the Volatile Sampler and Volatile Analyser There is no atmosphere around the Moon which means that volatiles such as …

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EU Features Luvmi-x

The LUVMI-X project has been featured in the Cordis Research*eu Magazine July 2021 edition. The article features an interview with …

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