LUVMI-X puts the wonder in Science is Wonderful in Brussels

The LUVMI project was selected by EC to participate in “Science is Wonderful”, a yearly outreach event organised in Brussels, to showcase a selection of the most appealing Horizon 2020 project results to the general public. The event is pitched specially to primary and secondary school students. This year’s event took place on 25 – 26 September. About 70 groups of students visited our stand, in addition to many families and individual science fans.

The LUVMI rover on display for the event duration. It is travelling to several events this year.

The consortium enjoyed the outreach event, where we explained the motivation behind LUVMI: ‘unveiling the darkest secrets of our Moon’. The audience enjoyed the suspense and learning about potential caches of water hidden in shadowed craters on the Moon’s polar regions. The LUVMI rover’s innovative mobility concept was also a crowd pleaser. 

Using virtual reality, viewers could follow the action on the screen pictured in the background. Image credit: LUVMI-X Consortium, all rights reserved.

For the most curious visitors, there was also an immersive virtual reality (VR) experience which gave them the keys to drive the LUVMI-X rover on the surface of the Moon. 

LUVMI has also been showcased at the Milton Keynes Innovates Festival in the United Kingdom on 11 – 12 October. 

For Industry, the next opportunity to meet LUVMI-X will be at the International Astronautical Congress (IAC) in the US. The Congress takes place in Washington from 21 – 25 October. A full size mock-up of the LUVMI-X rover will be open to visitors at the Space Applications Services booth during the event (booth 481).

The team members who made the event possible, in Brussels to present the model.