Create your own LUVMI-X ROVER

Make a scale model of the LUVMI-X Rover with this great tutorial. 

Download the cut-out, print and then follow the steps in the tutorial.

Click here to download the print out for LUVMI-X PAPER MODEL 

What you will need:

  1. Print out of the model parts
  2. Sharp scissors, or craft knife
  3. Cutting board/ cutting mat
  4. Access to a computer or tablet to follow the instruction video

It is easier if you watch the instruction video once through before you begin to cut your model out.

We recommend that children only take on this task with the supervision of a parent or caregiver, due to some parts requiring the use of a craft knife or very sharp scissors. 

Post your own ROVER with the tag LUVMI-X Rover and we’ll repost on our twitter account. Use the hashtag #MYLUVMIXROVER and tag us @LUVMI_rover

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